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When all application information is entered, the issuance review is conducted after self-deliberation.
The review time may vary depending on the validity of the input information, and the results will be sent to the email address you entered after submission and review processing.
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1. KETA Inc. is a private company that acts on behalf of K-ETA applications and cannot be refunded after the application is completed.
2. In the event of a problem using another person's card or stolen card, the applicant is responsible for the payment cost and compensation.
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K-ETA Visa Waiver Application Terms and Conditions
KETA Inc. is a website that provides ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) application service. When using KETA Inc., agreeing to these terms and conditions is a condition. Article 1 (Purpose of Terms and Conditions) The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to stipulate the terms and conditions of use, procedures, rights and responsibilities of a person who accesses KETA Inc. for ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) application in Korea. Also, agreeing to these terms and conditions is a condition when using KETA Inc. Article 2 (Scope of Terms and Conditions and Changes) 1. The rules that the KETA Inc. website guides to applicants who use the site are provided in these terms and conditions, and applicants can use the application proxy service by agreeing to these terms and conditions. 2. The decision on the use of the services provided by the KETA Inc. website to the applicant in the use of the site shall also form a part of these Terms and Conditions. When you agree to the terms and conditions of this site, the applicant is entitled to membership and accepts these terms and conditions. 3. The KETA Inc. website may change these terms and conditions without the member's permission, and the member agrees to this. Article 3 (Notice from this site) 1. If KETA Inc. deems it necessary other than in the case of the preceding article, this website may notify the applicant of the necessary matters. 2. The notice in the preceding paragraph is deemed to have been notified to all applicants at the time indicated on this service. Article 4 (Service provision time) 1. In principle, KETA Inc. of service provision time is 24 hours a day. However, the service may be temporarily suspended without prior notice due to regular inspections or other reasons. Article 5 (Members) 1. A member is defined as an applicant who applies for registration and agrees to these terms and conditions to act for ETA application through KETA Inc.. Article 6 (Member's personal information) 1. Applicant's name (English), date of birth, gender, contact information, e-mail, passport information (passport number, passport issuance date, passport expiration date, passport issuing country), country of residence, etc. required to use KETA Inc. service The information submitted during use is registered as personal information in the database of this website. 2. KETA Inc. shall manage the registered information as personal information and shall not disclose it to a third party except in any of the following cases. (1) In case of consent of the member (2) When disclosure is requested by laws, etc. (3) In case of disclosure in a state where personal identification is not possible (4) In case it is necessary for business performance such as maintenance, operation and management of the system (5) When necessary for the operation of KETA Inc. Article 7 (Approval of Registration) 1. KETA Inc. approves membership registration from the moment the applicant accepts the agreement to the terms and conditions, and the membership contract based on these terms and conditions is established. Article 8 (Disapproval of Registration and Revocation of Approval) 1. KETA Inc. may not approve the registration of the applicant or delete the application information if, as a result of the examination in the preceding article, the person who applied for registration falls under any of the following items. (1) If there is a false entry, omission, or omission in the information provided when applying for registration (2) When the applicant for registration does not apply for registration according to the procedures prescribed on this site (3) When the person who applied for registration does not exist (4) In other cases where it is judged that it is inappropriate for this site to become a member 2. Even after membership approval, KETA Inc. may cancel membership approval and delete application information if it is found that the approved member falls under any of the subparagraphs of the preceding paragraph. Article 9 (Prohibition of use of information) 1. Members, except when approved by KETA Inc. (including obtaining the approval of the third party through this website if there is a third party who has the right with respect to the information), this service No information obtained through the website may be reproduced, reproduced, sold, published, or used for any other commercial or private purpose. Article 10 (About the contents of the service) 1. The contents of this service are separately determined by KETA Inc.. 2. The conditions for providing this service and the method of operation are separately determined by KETA Inc.. 3. KETA Inc. may change, add, or suspend all or part of the contents, conditions of provision, or operation method of this service without prior notice or consent to the member, and the member shall agree to this. Article 11 (Deletion of information, etc.) 1. When a customer requests deletion of personal information registered by a member in this service, it is completely deleted immediately upon request and no personal information is kept. 2. How to manage and operate member information If payment for the application service and payment are not made, it is managed and stored on the server of KETA Inc. for 2 years, except when a separate customer does not request the deletion of ETA application details and personal information, and when 2 years have passed (ETA validity period), customer information is deleted, and KETA Inc. does not store any customer information. Article 12 (Exemption from service application results) 1. KETA Inc. receives the applicant's information and acts on behalf of the ETA, and the result of the application is the authority of the Canadian government. We take no responsibility for the results of your application. 2. We are not responsible for the results of the ETA application due to incorrect or error information provided by the applicant on this website. Article 13 (Temporary Suspension of Service) 1. KETA Inc. may temporarily suspend this service without prior notice to the member in the event of any of the following authorizations. (1) When maintenance of the service system is performed regularly or urgently (2) When it is impossible to provide this service due to fire, power outage, etc. (3) When it is impossible to provide this service due to natural disasters such as earthquake, eruption, flood, tsunami, etc. (4) When it is impossible to provide this service due to war, turmoil, riot, disturbance, labor dispute, etc. (5) In other cases, when this website determines that temporary suspension of this service is necessary for operational or technical reasons 2. KETA Inc. shall not be held responsible for any damages to members or other third parties caused by delay or interruption of the provision of this service due to reasons other than the cases in the preceding paragraph. Article 14 (Prohibited Matters) 1. Members shall not engage in the following acts on this service. (1) Infringing copyright or other intellectual property rights of other members, third parties, or this website (2) Infringing on the property, privacy, etc. of other members, third parties, or this website (3) Acts that slander other members, third parties, or this website (4) Transmitting or writing harmful computer programs, etc. (5) Acts that give disadvantages to third parties (6) Acts for the purpose of profit using this service (7) Acts against good morals and morals (8) Acts combined with criminal acts; (9) Other acts contrary to laws and ordinances 2. If a member causes damage to a third party when using this service, the member must take responsibility for the solution at his or her own expense and not damage this website. 3. KETA Inc. assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damages to members caused by the use of this service and has no obligation to compensate for any damages. 4. If a member violates the terms and conditions and causes damage to KETA Inc., this website shall be able to claim damages against the member. Article 15 (Report of Changes and Errors) 1. A member may apply for a change in case of providing incorrect information to KETA Inc. for ETA application. However, the change application must be made before the completion of the ETA permit approval, and if the ETA permit approval is completed (Shown on KETA Inc.) You should understand in advance that it will be difficult to apply for a change after that. 2. This website shall not be held liable even if there is a disadvantage to the member due to the absence of the notification in the preceding paragraph or the change application after the ETA approval is completed. Article 16 (Disposition of Expulsion, etc.) 1. In the event that a member falls under any of the following authorizations, KETA Inc. may expel or suspend the use of ID or disqualify the member without prior notice or notice to the member. can. (1) When a false application is made at the time of registration (2) In case of illegal use of ID or password (3) In the case of interfering with the operation of this service (4) In case of violation of any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions (5) Other cases where this website judges that it is inappropriate as a member 2. If KETA Inc. suffers damage due to a member falling under any of the subparagraphs of the preceding paragraph, this website will compensate for the damage suffered regardless of whether the service is expelled or the use of the ID is temporarily suspended. that can be claimed. Article 17 (Refund Rules) 1. After the electronic travel authorization (ETA) approval service is completed (approval application is completed and the approval result is announced by the person in charge), in principle, it is impossible to cancel the approval, so a customer's request for a refund is not possible. 2. Cancellation and refund processing is possible before service is completed. Cancellation Requirement: Cancellation and refund are possible only before the KETA Inc. application and KETA Inc approval. In the case of approval processing and pending approval, the above paragraph 1 applies. 3. Requests for cancellation or refund will be processed within the same day. Article 18 (Withdrawal of Membership) 1. When a member wishes to withdraw, he/she shall promptly express his/her intention to KETA Inc.. If you wish to withdraw, you can apply for withdrawal through KETA Inc. e-mail. 2. Application for withdrawal does not mean cancellation of application for business processing. You can cancel your application at any time. However, cancellation of application is possible only until business is processed. If you want to cancel the business processing application, please use the KETA Inc. cancellation system. Article 19 (Stop providing this service) 1. KETA Inc. may suspend the provision of this service after notifying the member with a one-month notice period. 2. The notice in the preceding paragraph is deemed to have been accepted by all members at the time indicated on KETA Inc. for one month. 3. When KETA Inc. stops the provision of this service, it shall go through the procedures in the preceding paragraph, thereby avoiding claims for damages from members or third parties accompanying the suspension. Article 20 (Responsibility for ID and password management) 1. Members shall assume all responsibility for the use and management of the approval number, etc. granted by applying to KETA Inc. 2. Members shall not transfer, lend or use the ID and password granted by KETA Inc. to a third party. 3. KETA Inc. shall not be held responsible for any damage suffered by the member when the member's ID and password are used by another third party, regardless of whether the member is intentionally negligent or not. When a member forgets his/her ID or password, he/she shall immediately apply to KETA Inc. and follow the instructions of this website. In addition, the use of this service made by the ID and password is considered to be made by the member. Article 21 (Temporary Suspension of ID, etc.) 1. If it is recognized that KETA Inc. has a high urgency, the ID may be suspended without obtaining the member's consent, and the member is deemed to have agreed to that effect in advance. 2. Even if KETA Inc. has taken the measures in the preceding paragraph and the member is unable to use this service and damage is caused by this, KETA Inc. shall not assume any responsibility. Article 22 (Competent Court) 1. If there is a need for a lawsuit between a member and KETA Inc., the district court where the head office is located shall be the competent court between the member and KETA Inc.. Korea Travel Authorization (ETA) application agency KETA Inc. Contact: These Terms of Use are effective from May 1, 2021.
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Notice : KETA Inc. is a private company which is not affiliated with Korean government. Applicants who wish to enter Korea, may apply directly through Korean government website for an eTA. Although, we do not have complete control over the official decisions involving in issuing process, our experienced experts can support you to submit a successful application